The Twelve Laws

The core precepts of The Way, according to the Natural Law, are enshrined within the Twelve Laws. They serve as a guidance to those who wish to live a life of reasoned service and understanding.  All of the laws are prefaced by the Unwitten Law, “First do no harm”.

  1. Honour the Seven Responsibilities of Man as laid down. Alter not, interpret not. They are as they are.
  2. No man shall kill without good reason; not man, beast nor green thing, that which flies or lives in water, even that which is harmful. All things have their purpose.
  3. Take not anything which you do not put back. Should you cut down a tree, plant six. Lay naught to waste, especially flesh, as it is bought at a high price.
  4. Take no thing which is not yours by right.
  5. Protect that which sustains against those who know no better.
  6. Lay not man with man or woman with woman. Such things go against natural things. That which goes against the natural way of things is a danger to nature itself. Death shall visit those who break this law.
  7. Harm no child.
  8. Each is his or her own being, and may do with it according to his or her own wish, providing no harm shall befall any other living thing. Adultery is such a thing and cannot be forgiven. Cast them out.
  9. Eat only meat from the beasts which have been killed without fear or pain so far as the killing .of them has allowed. All pain of the spirit and flesh must be avoided.
  10. All things that move upon the earth are beasts. Honour them all as you would like to be honoured, and treat kindly.
  11. Take care of forefathers, and respect and honour them. Feed them and house them as they did you when you could not care for yourself.
  12. Honour your Priests, but should they offend, seek judgement from a High Priest; and should a High Priest offend seek out another High Priest, and again seek judgement.

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